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Cleft lip and palate are congenital facial anomalies that occur in approximately 1/700 babies. Clefts occur when the lips and/or palate  of a fetus do not fully fuse during typical facial formation. This leaves a split in the upper lip and/or palate, and it may affect one (unilateral) or both (bilateral) sides of the mouth. Individuals born with clefts lip and/or palate may experience complications with breathing, eating, speech, and hearing.

Babies born with a cleft typically will require a variety of medical services throughout childhood. These services may include craniofacial surgery, dental/orthodontic care, speech therapy, and audiological care. An interdisciplinary cleft team with medical professionals from a number of specialties will provide coordinated care for the child.


Cleft Resources

Face-to-Face Colorado seeks to provide accurate and useful information on cleft lip and palate to families and the Colorado community.  This site includes links to a number of resources on topics such as general cleft information, cleft information for specific groups (such as for children, adults, parents, and teachers), child health care coverage, local cleft teams, and national cleft organizations.

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