Family Connection Program

Family Connection Program

The Face-to-Face Colorado Family Connection Program pairs local families of children and teens with cleft lip and palate. This flexible, one-on-one program provides a way for all members of the family to form relationships with others who have similar experiences and questions. Because we recognize that each family has valuable experiences to share, we do not pair families in a mentor and mentee relationship. Rather, the pairing is meant to mutually benefit both families involved.

While Face-to-Face Colorado serves as the liaison to match participants, it is up to the paired families to decide how they want to use the program. We will host periodic gatherings for all the participants in the program. Communication and activities outside of these Face-to-Face sponsored gatherings are your responsibility.

To sign up for the program, fill out the matching form. This form can also be accessed by contacting us. This form will help us match families based on ages, preferences and town.

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